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The history of CHAGAS begins with Francisco das Chagas Ferreira, pharmacist/biochemist from the Universidade Regional do Nordeste, now known as the State University of Paraíba and a Post Graduate in Clinical Hematology from the University of Guarulhos/SP. He was born at home, in Sítio Catolezinho, municipality of Bom Sucesso in the hinterland of Paraíba on August 23, 1957, the eldest of 9 children born to Francisco Ferreira da Cruz and Maria Amável Ferreira, both farmers. Since he was a child, he would wake up at dawn to help his father work in the fields.

He always had a great desire to study, however due to the difficulties of the sertão he only started his studies when he was 13 years old. In 1978, at the age of 21, he left the farm to live in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, to attend high school, there he lived at the Casa do Estudante Institution, where he also worked as a librarian at the institution during the day and studied during the night.


Francisco woke up before sunrise to help his father with the farm chores. Francisco always demonstrated a tireless thirst for knowledge, but the difficulties of life in the backlands prevented him from starting his studies until he was 13 years old. At the age of 21, he left for the city of Natal, in Rio Grande do Norte, to attend high school. There, living in the Student House, he worked as a librarian during the day and studied at night.

In 1980, after completing his studies, Francisco took his first entrance exam for Medicine, but he was not approved and had to return to the farm. In 1982, he moved to Campina Grande-PB to take a course and prepare for a new entrance exam, but due to financial difficulties he was only able to stay in the city for 4 months and had to return to country life.


For two years, even though he worked on the farm with his father, he didn't stop studying. And so, immersed in his studies, he discovered his true calling: clinical analysis. Then, driven by a new dream and after some time of preparation, in 1984, he entered the Pharmacy course with a specialty in Biochemistry at the Universidade Regional do Nordeste in Campina Grande. Around this same time he met Iaponan, who would later become his wife and mother of his daughters, Renally and Raissa.


Completing the course in 1988, at the age of 30, Francisco was hired by CLIPSI Hospital Geral de Campina Grande. However, his dream of having his own laboratory took him to the south of Bahia, where he arrived in the city of Ubaitaba - BA. There, he worked at Laboratório Prontanalise where he later became a partner. Furthermore, he also worked at the Hospital da Santa Casa Laboratory, in the neighboring city, Itabuna.


In search of building his own laboratory, Francisco gave up his position at Hospital da Santa Casa and left the partnership at Laboratório Prontanalise. In 1993, together with his wife, Iaponan, he founded CHAGAS LABORATORIO CLINICO in Ubaitaba-BA. That same year, with the recognition he had already achieved, he was chosen by Hospital São Vicente de Paula to exclusively provide all laboratory services in the region.


The expansion continued, and in 1996, Francisco discovered Barreiras, a city that enchanted him with its potential in the health sector. In 1998, he opened a branch in the city, led by his brother, fellow pharmacist-biochemist Paulo Ferreira, and his sister, social worker, Fátima Ferreira.

In 2004, delighted with the welcome, prosperity and security of Barreiras, Francisco decided to move with his family to the city and transfer the laboratory headquarters there.


Over the years, CHAGAS' ethical and transparent work has established strong ties with health professionals, resulting, from 2007, in the implementation of several support and collection points in the city. Always seeking expansion and proximity to customers, a branch was installed in Cotegipe - BA in 2013.


In 2017, management was renewed with the arrival of his daughter, Raissa, as administrator. That same year, the laboratory increased its production capacity through an expansion and automation project, investing in cutting-edge technologies from the ROCHE, SYSMEX and AVL brands, which boosted productivity. Therefore, CHAGAS remains in constant search to offer quality services and humanized care, honoring its trajectory and values.

In 2019, the Barreiras City Council gave the Title of Barreirense Citizen to Francisco in recognition of the relevant services provided to the community in the municipality.

Over the last 30 years, CHAGAS LABORATÓRIO CLÍNICO has been an example of constant renewal and dedication in pursuit of excellence in customer service. Since the moment Francisco das Chagas Ferreira founded the laboratory, his entrepreneurial vision and commitment to quality have been the pillars that drive its growth and continuous improvement.


The dedication to establishing humanized and welcoming care has also been a differentiator of the laboratory. Each client is treated with respect and attention, being accompanied throughout the process, from sample collection to delivery of results. The focus on patient care is a trademark of CHAGAS LABORATORIO CLINICO, which believes that each person is unique and deserves a personalized, quality service.

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