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In order to carry out laboratory tests with safe results, it is essential to be attentive and follow some instructions regarding preparation. It is of fundamental importance to contact the laboratory before performing the exams, for the patient to prepare according to the appropriate specific guidelines for each type of exam.

If some of the guidelines are not followed, the results may change.

To help you, we've separated the most common collection recommendations. It is important to follow them:


For some exams, fasting is not mandatory. Others require fasting for 4, 8 or 12 hours. Check in advance the adequate time for your exams.

In the case of children up to 3 years old, fasting is recommended for up to 4 hours. In newborns, collection should occur between feedings. In urgent cases, or according to medical request, fasting for some tests can be waived, but it is essential to inform the laboratory and the doctor so that the results are interpreted properly.



Many medications interfere with results. Therefore, at the time of consultation with your doctor, when he requests laboratory tests, talk to him and ask if it will be necessary to suspend the medicine.

If interruption is not possible, inform the laboratory at the time of care of the medications you used in the last 30 days and remember that when you show the result to the doctor, inform the use of the medications, this data will be taken into account in the evaluation of the result.

Only the doctor can suspend the drugs and the use must be maintained according to medical advice.


In most exams, eating habits must be maintained so that the exam result reflects the patient's condition in his daily life. Few tests require a special diet before collection.


Physical exercise

After performing physical exercises, several organic constituents may undergo physiological changes, so interference in the results of certain tests is possible.


Alcoholic beverage  

Alcohol interferes with the results of some tests. The ideal is to stay 3 days without drinking any alcoholic beverage before performing the exams.

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